Only three steps to get your ZFX Forex trading account.


Our accounts for foreign exchange and CFDs (contract for differences) have the following advantages:

  • Tradable contract for CFDs product involve global foreign exchange, stock index and commodities
  • Margin ratio is as low as 0.05%, and spread is as low as 0.3pts
  • It is executed in a full-automatic way without intervention of any dealer
  • Focus on customer service within 24 hours for market transactions
  • Customer with real account can enjoy "Daily Market Morningpost" for free

First step: :fill in personal information

This email will be your MyZFX account. Please check it carefully.

Second step:Statement

1、I have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

2、I confirm that this type of trading meets my investment objectives and that I understand the risk and mechanics of trading in derivatives, that I can lose more than my initial investment and can bear the financial risks associated.

3、All information I understand and accept about my account will be provided to me via an online platform and email.

4、I am not a resident of the United States and I am sure that the information provided during the application process is accurate.

As ZFX's partners, users can apply for an agent account

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